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The Ins & Outs of Using the FAPM Online Resource CME Library:

A special privilege of membership in the Academy is the benefit of receiving CME credits by having access to the voluminous CME titles available on our CME Online Resource Library. For those CME hours needed for live presentation, you must meet the DRC’s requirements for a “live” session.   

How can I meet the “live” CME requirement?
At a minimum, 50% of the requested CME hours in area for which you are certified must be satisfied by one of the following:
Attendance of a live lecture or seminar or,
Attendance of an audio or video playback of a lecture or seminar with a group, where the group discusses the materials presented or,
An interactive internet presentation

A group is considered more than one adult. Interactive internet presentations may be counted as attendance at a live lecture. Non-interactive internet presentations shall be applied toward the audiovisual category.

What if I do not have a group to discuss the CME with?

When available, the Academy may be able to facilitate and “CME Group Discussion” session.  Please send an email to with the subject line “Academy Help, CME Group Discussion Opportunity” and an Academy library committee member will be in touch with you. 


The procedures for using the CME Online Resource Library are as follows:

Option A – Register to use the FAPM Online Resource Library! 

                   1. From the Home Page, Register/Login to the site using the links on the site.

                    2. Click Library

                     3. Click an Item
                     4. Click Add to Cart
                     5. Click Checkout at top right.
                     6. Fill out transaction information
                     7. Click Submit
                     8. Click My Library
                     9. Choose the item that has been successfully purchased under “My Purchases”.
                   10. Click Play
                   11. Listen
Option B – For those who may not be able to register and pay online, there is option B. Arrangements can be made, on a case by case basis, to send you the requested CMEs. This option is more time consuming and is not supported as it was in the past. Please send an email request to for details. 
TFAPM Schedule of Online Library Resources:  

2009 TFAPM Audio Librar

2011 TFAPM Audio CD Library 

2012 TFAPM DRC Library

2013 TFAPM DRC Library (coming soon)