In today’s business market, people often read and consider online reviews first before buying or using a company’s product or service.  Consumers trust other consumers’ opinions and evaluations of a product or service.  Positive Reviews significantly impact the trust clients have in your business and could directly lead to additional opportunities.  As such, positive feedback on your website is just as good as most forms of advertisement.  Consumers are now using online review sites to help inform them about making purchases or hiring professionals, so your business must have online review management to handle its online reputation.

Your business must encourage your clients to evaluate your services to leave behind an online review and increase the chances of you receiving more positive feedback.  More positive feedback directly increases your chances of other people using your services.  Here are some ways you could generate online reviews for your website.

1. Widgets

Your website could serve as your primary marketing network by using it to generate online reviews.  Having a dedicated main page or having a widget on your site is an excellent way to encourage and create online customer feedback.  Clients visit your site often and perhaps interact with your brand, products, or staff.  Various online review websites allow for easy integration of reviews.  Examples are sites such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google.  Widgets would enable your website to integrate online reviews from other review sites into your dashboard.  This would give a great customer experience as it allows them to see all the online reviews in a single place.  This would create a sense of accessibility and transparency to earn the trust of clients and referred attorneys.

2. Send Feedback Requests After Purchases

It is that moment directly after a service is provided that is the best time to ask for feedback. Send follow-up emails that politely ask clients about their experience with your service or firm and if they would leave an online review.  The message must be direct, to the point, friendly, and emphasize that your business values the clients’ feedback to encourage compliance to do an online review.

You could also add review links to emails that you send out.  Having review links in your email signatures is a great way to encourage reviews after client interactions. You could add an image or quick and polite directive that prompts clients to share their experiences.

3. Run a Review Campaign

You can also run an online review campaign, even if time has passed since the clients’ interaction with your firm. Many businesses often run periodic online review campaigns to generate new feedback at once.  In this method, you have to ensure that your review invitations are as personalized and polite as possible.  Your company should focus and prioritize customers who are regularly engaging with your company’s services.  It is also better if your business uses customer support agents to send out invitations instead of generic company emails.

4. Provide Quality Products or Services

The simplest way to encourage a client or a participating attorney to leave you a review is to provide excellent services.  It is a fundamental principle for any business to provide quality and good value, but it is still worth emphasizing.  Happy and satisfied clients are prerequisites for all the previous steps.