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Top Ten Reasons Mediation is Useful in Settling Family Cases in Florida

1. Mediation is often required by court ordered. In most family law cases, the presiding judge will send the parties in family matters to mediation parties before trial and during pending litigation at least once. Depending on the judge, often cases are sent to mediation multiple times during litigation. Mediation is popular with the courts … Continue reading Top Ten Reasons Mediation is Useful in Settling Family Cases in Florida

Psychology & Mediation – Power Duo

Mediator & Arbitrator Marie Grace combines a unique mix of mediation and psychology background to her mediation/arbitration work, with extensive professional experience in clinical practice, private and public sectors. She considers herself to have had a unique education & career path over the more than 25 years. Dr. Grace’s neutrality as a mediator and arbitrator … Continue reading Psychology & Mediation – Power Duo

How to Prepare for Mediation

How to Prepare for Mediation by Denise Wheeler Wright Wright Mediation, Inc. denise@wrightmediation.com www.wrightmediation.com/ Many parties going into mediation feel stressed because they don’t know what to expect. Being prepared for mediation will help everyone involved in the mediation have a successful experience. The following suggestions provide a guide as to how to prepare for … Continue reading How to Prepare for Mediation

Your Body in Conflict

Dr. Raymond Ferrier is a mediator, coach and facilitator. He has lived, studied and worked on three continents, which has strongly influenced and widened his perspectives on culture, diversity, and modes of problem solving. With a background in sociology and physical therapy, his interest centers on communication andrelationships at the intersection of the soma and … Continue reading Your Body in Conflict

Can Neutrals Bring Peace to Local Land Use Wars?

STEVEN K. HALL 4399 Commons Drive, Suite 300 Destin, Florida 32541 (850) 337-4620 E-Mail: steve@hrlaw-destin.com Steve is certified as a Circuit Court Civil mediator. He is approved by both the Florida Department of Financial Services and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for work with parties in their respective mediation programs. He is a … Continue reading Can Neutrals Bring Peace to Local Land Use Wars?