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How to Prepare for Mediation

How to Prepare for Mediation by Denise Wheeler Wright Wright Mediation, Inc. denise@wrightmediation.com www.wrightmediation.com/ Many parties going into mediation feel stressed because they don’t know what to expect. Being prepared for mediation will help everyone involved in the mediation have a successful experience. The following suggestions provide a guide as to how to prepare for … Continue reading How to Prepare for Mediation

Your Body in Conflict

Dr. Raymond Ferrier is a mediator, coach and facilitator. He has lived, studied and worked on three continents, which has strongly influenced and widened his perspectives on culture, diversity, and modes of problem solving. With a background in sociology and physical therapy, his interest centers on communication andrelationships at the intersection of the soma and … Continue reading Your Body in Conflict

Can Neutrals Bring Peace to Local Land Use Wars?

STEVEN K. HALL 4399 Commons Drive, Suite 300 Destin, Florida 32541 (850) 337-4620 E-Mail: steve@hrlaw-destin.com Steve is certified as a Circuit Court Civil mediator. He is approved by both the Florida Department of Financial Services and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for work with parties in their respective mediation programs. He is a … Continue reading Can Neutrals Bring Peace to Local Land Use Wars?

Improving chances for a mediated settlement

For 40 years, as a practitioner, educator, author and advocate for mediation, Michael’s has been a leading voice in the developing profession of mediation. Michael has assisted divorcing couples, helped resolve probate and other family conflicts. He has mediated disputes in businesses, government agencies, universities and other workplace settings. As a trainer he has designed … Continue reading Improving chances for a mediated settlement

Mediator as Insurance Appraisal Umpire

Curtis Hutchens is a Florida AV Martindale Hubbell attorney with 30 years of experience in handling hundreds of mediations and thousands of insurance appraisals. He is a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriters, past president of the Windstorm Insurance Network, (2016) and a member of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals. For the past five years … Continue reading Mediator as Insurance Appraisal Umpire