Implied Bias in Mediation
(CME in Diversity)

Culture affects the way people conceptualize and deal with conflict.

We all have personal bias.

This CME will have thinking about your own personal biases and addresses how they might get you in trouble in mediation.

Life in Florida is a multicultural experience. As mediators we have the opportunity to intimately experience other cultures. But remember, culture is more than nationality. In many ways men and women are both different cultures. Twenty-somethings are culturally different from baby boomers. A wide variety of characteristics and life experiences connect each of us to a unique set of subcultures.

As mediators, we have a responsibility to intentionally and consciously take responsibilities for our implicit biases.

Deborah R. Beylus, South Florida Mediation Services, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, President FAPM

Dwayne E. Clark Sr,., Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator,
Board Member FAPM,

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