Currently, the Vice President of the League, Mr.Gordon is soon to be the incoming President-Elect of the Palm Beach County League of Cities, Inc. as he does have the negotiation and communication skills necessary for this position.

Mr. Gordon has proven again and again that a level head combined with exemplary standards in negotiation does bring results. The League does believe that conflicts are avoidable by sharing of knowledge and this view, of course, is also that of Mr.Gordon.

With 40 plus years of experience in negotiation, as the President of Phoenix Mediation, LLC and as the 1st Vice President of the Palm Beach League of Cities, Inc., Lawrence Gordon looks forward to continuing the fine traditions of the Palm Beach League of Cities, Inc. He brings his ever-growing experience as a negotiator par excellence to the cities located within the Palm Beach area.

Generally, a quiet area, named after of course, the beaches and palm trees, Palm Beach is a collection of different geographic stretches. Industry agricultural and tourism are important parts of the local economy.

Knowledge of the area is needed to thoroughly follow the goals of the League, which include public awareness of all community resources and events as well as changes in laws and bylaws within all the cities and areas of Palm Beach County. These goals reflect Mr. Gordon’s goals. 

The League is, of course, non-partisan does represent all 39 Cities of Palm Beach County. Palm Beach County has over 100 associated government entities, non-profit organizations, and of course business organizations such as the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce. Information and updates on all matters related to each organization and entity are the responsibility and goal of the League.

Lawrence Gordon, with his vast experience in all types of negotiation and his knowledge of all entities within Palm Beach County, is the perfect choice as incoming President of the League. His calm and methodical approach to all issues of concern to all cities in Palm Beach County will be assistive to all residents and businesses and a non-partisan outlook is that of Mr. Gordon as he is a mediator for the Florida Academy of Mediators.

The Palm Beach County League of Cities, Inc. by its very slogan encourages all residents to stay in touch and be informed, and this will, of course, be addressed very well by Lawrence Gordon. The position of President is the top position in the League and needs Lawrence Gordon who is already a member of the League and a leader within the Palm Beach County area, to achieve even greater heights of spreading knowledge of resources to the communities and organizations within Palm Beach County, Florida.

About Lawrence Gordon

A respected member of the Palm Beach League of Cities, Inc. as the 1st Vice President, Lawrence Gordon is now incoming President for the League. His devotion to the cities and municipalities of Palm Beach County has earned him this honor as he is also a member of the PBC Caucus of Black Elected Officials, and a seasoned negotiator with Phoenix Mediation, LLC acting as President there, Lawrence Gordon has a great many more professional credentials and is highly involved with Palm Beach County even serving in public office as a Vice Mayor of the Town of Haverhill. He has served as a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator since 2010.