WHEREAS, Florida has been a leader in recognizing and promoting mediation as an alternative to litigation; and

WHEREAS, administrative agencies and court programs use mediation to effectively and efficiently resolve disputes; and

WHEREAS, mediation empowers individuals to develop solutions to conflict that are tailored to their particular needs; and

WHEREAS, mediation increases the use of constructive and non- adversarial resolutions in court cases; and

WHEREAS, mediation promotes the use of innovative and effective problem-solving and alternative dispute resolution processes; and

WHEREAS, mediation is taught and practiced in many schools in Florida not only as a way of resolving individual disputes but also as a means toward achieving a more peaceful society; and

WHEREAS, community-based mediation programs strengthen relationships by assisting in the resolution of neighborhood and community conflicts; and

WHEREAS, many businesses use mediation to resolve their disputes with individuals and other businesses in an amicable and fair manner; and

WHEREAS, mediation is an important facet for the dispensation of justice in an efficient manner.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT I, Carlos G. Muñiz, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Florida, do hereby extend greetings and best wishes to all who are observing Mediation Week, October 16 through 22, 2022.

DONE IN CHAMBERS on this Seventh Day of October in the Year Two Thousand Twenty-Two.