Dwayne E. Clark, Sr. (Cowboy)

<p>Dwayne is a retired Professional in Human Resources (HR) with over 40 years of experience in the Hotel, Health, US Government and Fortune 150 Global Corporation. His last HR position was with Owens-Illinois Inc., that manufactured Plastic and Glass Food & Beverages Containers (the worlds largest). In this Company he held the position of Vice President, Diversity and Community Affairs. He was located in the Legal Department where he served as a HR Consultant and had full settlement authority on all Civil Rights Cases or Obtain Legal Counsel if the claim advanced to Litigation. Here he served as an Employment Investigator with over 3,200 Allegations inclusive of Austin vs. Owens-Brockway (OI) that advance all the way to the US Supreme Court. OI prevailed. He also served as OI’s Community Affairs Officer, where he served on the Executive Philanthropy Committee. He had signature authority up to S10,000.00 without the Committee’s approval.</p> <p>He was a Confidential Employment Investigator trained by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. None of his investigations have ever been called into question. </p> <p>Currently, Dwayne (affectionally known as Cowboy) is the President and CEO of Hosana Consultant LLC., that specializes in Alternative Dispute Resolutions. He is a Florida Supreme Court County, Family, Circuit & Appellate Mediator; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (FINRA) Contract Mediator and Arbitrator (Tri-Panel Chair); Certified Mediator, American Association of Affirmative Action; U. S. Mortgage Modification Mediator. Florida Supreme Court Approved Arbitrator; National Council of Better Business Bureau Arbitrator (BBB); and Contract Mediator with the State of Florida, Department of Financial Services. </p> <p>His specialty includes Dispute services for the Insurance Industry (Commercial & Residential); Churches; Employment; Community Property and Family Disputes (without involving children); and Elder abuse. </p> <p><b>EDUCATION</b></p> <ul> <li>Masters in Liberal Studies (Sociology), University of Toledo</li> <li>Bachelors in Business Administration (Management Major), Jones College School of Business</li> <li>Certificate in Executive Management, University of Notre Dame</li> <li>Certificate of Professional Improvement, Affirmative Action Institute</li> <li>A plethora of Workshops, Seminars, and Work-study Programs to remain at the top of his Profession.</li> </ul> <p><b>CERTIFICATIONS</b></p> <ul> <li>Florida Supreme Court Certified County, Family, Circuit and Appellate Mediator</li> <li>FINRA Certified Arbitrator (Chair Qualified) and Mediator</li> <li>Certified Arbitrator, National Council Better Business Bureau</li> <li>Mediator State of Florida, Financial Services, Division of Consumer Services</li> <li>Approved Florida Supreme Court Arbitrator</li> <li>Confidential Employment Investigator</li> <li>Professional in Human Resources License</li> <li>U.S. Federal Mortgage Modification Mediator</li> <li>Employment Mediator, Capital University Law School</li> </ul>


Family Law
Employment inclusive of Investigations


Palm Beach , Broward


Spanish, French, Creole

11334 Bridges Road
Jacksonville FL 32218