Student Writing Contest for Conflict Resolution, Peace Studies, Law School, Social and Behavioral Sciences. 
Students from the above type program may submit and article on specific topics regarding ADR, Arbitration, Mediation, Negotiations, Peace Studies, etc. It is OPEN to any type of piece you want to submit! (Blog, article, review, poem etc.!)
Perks for winning
First Place:  A FREE Affiliate Membership for one year! Your own column in the quarterly newsletter, The Caucus, as a featured contributor and FREE Live Format CME courses for one year.
Second Place: FREE Live Format CME courses for one year and access to one FREE library resource item.
Third Place: Access to one FREE library resource item.
TO APPLY: Submit your piece to from a valid post-secondary email address. Input “Writing Contest” in the subject line. Your entry will be reviewed by the President and Editor of The Academy for content and quality and winners will be notified via email.  The announcement of winners will be placed in the Autumn 2015 edition of The Caucus.
Good Luck and Thank You for your Contributions!!!